London Clay Pipe Studies

The clay tobacco pipe industry in the parishes of St Margaret and St John the Evangelist, Westminster

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This report has its origins in a Museum of London Archaeology Service (MoLAS) project, under the management of George Dennis. The MoLAS project was funded generously by a grant from the City of London Archaeological Trust (CoLAT), facilitated by John Schofield.

I am indebted to several members of the Society for Clay Pipe Research for advice and assistance, notably Colin Tatman (who also provided many of the illustrations) and Ron Dagnall (for information relating to the pipe maker James Harrison, and for permission to use his photograph of Harrison's farmhouse). Allan Peacey commented on the muffle fragment from 18 Great Peter Street. Sheila Jelley was the source of much of the information on the Swinyard family history.

Jacqui Pearce (Museum of London Specialist Services) provided information from the MoLAS database and Tony Dyson (formerly of MoLAS) translated the Latin text of the Worcus/Boughton deed.


Kieron Heard (February 2006)

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